Saturday, 9 June 2018

Facebook Data Leak | Chances To Earn 26 Lakh Rupees From Facebook

Guys I would like to tell you, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a great announcement today. Something is like that, actually you will be surprised to know that Facebook will give 26 lakh rupees to its user. But surprisingly, who will get 26 lakh rupees, how they will get, and why they get it. Why will any company give 26 lakh rupees to its users?

Actually it is that for some years, Facebook is being misused too much. Significantly, the voice against Facebook started when the Cambridge Analytica data leaked was revealed. This agency leak incorrectly by taking data from millions of Facebook users, from Facebook itself. After that, the question on Facebook's privacy was raised and the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to apologize.

Facebook, withstand criticism about data misuse, has come up with some new schemes. After making all kinds of changes in Facebook, now the company has given a chance to reward such people, who will give information of any kind of data misuse.

According to the company, people will be rewarded with the evidence, who will tell the Facebook with proof that an app running on their platform is selling the data of the people, to the third party. Such people will be rewarded from the company for $ 500 to $ 40,000 (about 26 lakh rupees). The company has also said that the maximum amount can be more than $ 40,000. So guys, if you have such an idea, do the try and definitely give information to Facebook.

Watch The Video About Facebook Data Leak